Where’d Profligacy Come From?

I was having trouble coming up with a name for a project that simplified such a huge library. The sad fact is that, after trying nearly every GUI system on the planet, doing a GUI with JRuby and Swing is pretty nice. Just compare even the raw code for a simple GUI with the crap you write for Ruby/Tk, Ruby/Qt, or Ruby/GTK and you’ll see what I mean.

However, all that Java made me want to cry. So I started working on a way to simplify the work down without dumbing the power of Swing down too much.

That’s when I got a spam with the following subject line:

pasty vivacity profligacy::

After looking up profligacy and seeing:

  1. shameless dissoluteness.
  2. reckless extravagance.
  3. great abundance.

I realized it was the perfect description of Swing and trying to use Swing to do a GUI.