Sep-18: Toolbar Looking Good

Sep-17: Super Sexy Find Command

Sep-15: Themes, Fonts, Commands

The default look:

The dark look:

Aug-6: Command And Display Parsing

It’s on the way party people. Check the screen shot below of me playing with the very nice command input and display parsing for the UI:

What you’re seeing here is two parsers in action and a little state machine magic. Very light use of it though, almost not even one yet.

One parser takes what you type into the input text field and tries to determine on the fly if that’s a command, whether it’s formatted right, and if not either shows you a message so you can correct it. If it’s not a command then it sends it on.

That’s the sending end and will make extending iHate very nice. These parsed commands will be used to lookup little plugins that do the real work.

On the receiving side we’ve got colorization, font faces, and emoticons all at work. When a message is received that needs to be displayed in the chat window (or system messages, errors, etc.) the raw text is handed to a display parser. The text can have wiki style formatting in it like:

_underline_ is cool but @code blocks@ are better *yeah* :-)

And the chat panel will parse that out, turn it into display tokens and then show them in a nice format. It can even optionally leave the markup text in or take it out depending on a setting.

In the next few days I’ll have a release pushed out and documentation to follow. Enjoy!

The Author

iHate is written by Zed A. Shaw for the Utu project as the official cross platform client.

The License

The iHate client is licensed GPL v3 meaning you better be careful how you distribute it.

Isn’t Apple Going To Sue You?!

I hope not. I’d hate for them to demonstrate how they don’t have a sense of humor and don’t understand parody and irony. It’d be a crying shame for them to sue a guy like me, especially since I changed the license of Mongrel from LGPL so they could include it in their fancy operating system. That’d just be really mean of them.

Jul 15—First Colorful Prototype With Working Chat Pane

Take a look at this bad boy. The ChatPane works with colored text, simple formatting, and a few little emoticons. Nothing fancy but looking pretty nice just the same.

Default Swing Look:

And with the fancy Substance Look-And-Feel:

Of course nothing works on this one but it’s pretty much how I want it to look, now to just hook the thing up to the Utu hub and make it work.